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Notice 21 on Epidemic Prevention and Control of Changzhou in 2022
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According to COVID-19 prevention and control management, starting from March 18, three hospitals will be designated to provide medical services for the city's yellow health code holders. They are:

1. Changzhou Seventh People’s Hospital

Address: No. 288, Mid. Yanling Rd.

Services: Outpatient, inpatient, pediatrics, maternal diagnosis and treatment, hemodialysis, critical care, and other services.

2. Wujin National High-tech Zone People’s Hospital 

Address: No. 509, South Wuyi Rd.

Services: General internal medicine, surgery, and other services.

3. Beigang Community Health Center

Address: No. 49, Zonglyu Rd., Zhonglou District 

Services: General internal medicine, surgery, and other services.

Residents requesting medical treatment can contact their community staff, who will facilitate their transportation to and from a designated hospital. If acute events such as cardiovascular diseases happen, please call 120 for first aid and report to the community staff as soon as possible. Health protection measures should be observed throughout the trip.

Changzhou Municipal Leading Group for Novel Coronavirus Prevention and Control

March 17, 2022


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