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Notice for People in Changzhou Whose Health Codes Turn Yellow
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Changzhou has recently reported three locally transmitted confirmed COVID-19 cases and an asymptomatic carrier. To reduce the risk of virus transmission, people in Changzhou may find their health codes turning yellow.

Once a code turns yellow, except for those in medium or high-risk areas and communities in lockdown or epidemic control, or those undergoing quarantine or home isolation, the resident should apply for nucleic acid tests at the residential community or village with the personal identification card or passport. The community or village committee should facilitate transportation to and from a designated testing site.

The resident should take at least three nucleic acid tests after getting a yellow code. The interval between every two tests should exceed 24 hours. If the results are all negative, the resident can apply to the community or village committee for a review. The health code (issued within Jiangsu province) will return green after an examination by the responsible district.

The designated nucleic acid testing sites (listed below) for yellow code holders open from 9:00-12:00 a.m. and 2:00-8:00 p.m. between November 5th and 20th.


East Area of Liyang Hospital of Chinese Medicine

Address: 129 Dongda Jie, Liyang, Changzhou

Phone: 0519-87072098

Jintan: Changzhou Jintan First People’s Hospital

Address: 500 Jintan Dadao, Jintan, Changzhou

Phone: 0519-82816099

Wujin: South Branch of Wujin People’s Hospital

Address: 35 Gehu Donglu, Wujin, Changzhou

Phone: 0519-88060125


Longhutang Community Health Center

Address: 1 Bei Jie, Longhutang, Xinbei, Changzhou

Phone: 0519-85481199


Diaozhuang Community Health Center

Address: 626 Laodong Donglu, Changzhou

Phone: 0519-88259383


Yonghong Community Health Center

Address: 6 Mushu Lu, Changzhou

Phone: 0519-86967747

Changzhou Economic Development Zone:

Hengshanqiao Furong Health Center

Address: 15 Furongliu Sanlu, Hengshanqiao, Changzhou

Phone: 0519-88761022

Those who failed to apply for a nucleic acid test or refused to take the test and caused the further spread of COVID-19 will be held legally liable under the laws and regulations of China.

Changzhou Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Center of Pneumonia Caused by the Novel Coronavirus

November 4, 2021


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