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Public Holidays for 2024
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There are currently seven official public holidays in China.

New Year's Day

1 January 2024 (a three-day long weekend)

Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)

10-17 February 2024 (eight days)

Adjusted working days: 4 February 2024 (Sunday) and 18 February 2024 (Sunday)

Employers are encouraged to give their staff a paid day off on Chinese New Year's Eve (9 February).

Qingming Festival (Tomb Sweeping Festival)

4-6 April 2024 (three days)

Adjusted working days: 7 April 2024 (Sunday)

Labour Day

1-5 May 2024 (five days)

Adjusted working days: 28 April 2024 (Sunday) and 11 May 2024 (Saturday)

Dragon Boat Festival

10 June 2024 (a three-day long weekend)

Mid-Autumn Festival

15-17 September 2024 (three days)

Adjusted working days: 14 September 2024 (Saturday)

National Day

1-7 October 2024 (seven days)

Adjusted working days: 29 September 2024 (Sunday) and 12 October 2024 (Saturday)


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