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China resumes group tours to more countries
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China's Culture and Tourism Ministry made an announcement on Thursday, revealing the list of destinations for the third wave of outbound group tours. This roster includes countries such as Japan, South Korea, Australia, the U.S., Germany, and Britain.

The notice declared that travel agencies and online tourism companies are now permitted to resume their outbound group tour operations, which encompass essential services like air ticket bookings and hotel reservations, effective immediately.

The list of approved countries spans over 70 nations, encompassing regions across Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania. This comprehensive inclusion has expanded the total count of countries and regions allowing outbound group tours from 60 to an impressive 138.

The initial batch, approved in January, featured 20 countries such as Thailand, Russia, Cuba, and Argentina. Subsequently, the second batch in March extended to encompass 40 countries, including names like Nepal, France, Portugal, and Brazil.


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