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Changzhou propels health initiative with nine key actions, forging path for healthy city development
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On November 21, Changzhou hosted the Healthcare Promotion Conference, with Li Lin, a member of the CPC Changzhou Municipal Committee and the executive deputy mayor, delivering a speech.

In line with the "532" development strategy and the objective of achieving a trillion-yuan GDP, Changzhou has introduced the "Three-Year Action Plan for Advancing Healthcare" as its overarching framework, complemented by nine subsidiary plans. These encompass initiatives like the systematic integration of pharmaceuticals, health insurance, and medical care, the amalgamation of medical treatment and disease prevention, the reinforcement of the city’s healthcare capabilities, the deepening of the tiered diagnosis and treatment system, training programs for medical and health professionals, bolstering the public's emergency response capabilities, promoting family doctor contract services, and enhancing the patient experience. Through these measures, the government aims to offer the public higher quality, more convenient, and more satisfactory health services while charting a "Changzhou Path" for healthy city development.

The ultimate objective for the next three years is to elevate the comfort, intelligence, and digitization of medical services, enhance public health service capabilities, optimize the citywide medical emergency service network, foster the inheritance and innovative development of traditional Chinese medicine, and propel the collaborative development of medical science and technology within the industry.


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