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Changzhou: 12th most attractive Chinese city for foreign talents
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The research findings of the 2022 “Amazing China—The Most Attractive Chinese Cities in the Eyes of Foreign Talents” activity were released recently by the Foreign Talent Research Center of Ministry of Science and Technology. Changzhou, for the first time, made the list, ranking 12th among the top twenty cities.  

The list is based on an evaluation index system for the attractiveness of Chinese cities to foreign talents. A quantitative analysis of answers to questionnaires handed out among foreign talents working and living in the sample cities is conducted to evaluate the attractiveness of these cities. The assessment considers job satisfaction, living convenience, and environmental friendliness. During the 2022 “Amazing China” activity, a total of 6,095 questionnaires were collected by screening 42 domestic cities.

Currently, Changzhou ranks 12th in the Basic Modernization Index of Prefecture-Level Cities in China, 15th in the National Cities of Innovators, 16th among National Advanced Manufacturing Cities, and 18th in Chinese Cities’ Comprehensive Economic Competitiveness.

In the past few years, the Changzhou government has continuously improved the business environment in the city. It has promoted international cooperation parks, expanded channels to attract high-level international professionals, and facilitated innovation and start-up activities. With open arms, the city embraces talents from around the world.


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