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SID invests in Sino-Swiss (Changzhou) Innovation Park
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On September 15, the signing ceremony for SID’s machinery project was held in Changzhou National High-Tech District (CND). The project will be located in CND’s Sino-Swiss (Changzhou) International Industrial Innovation Park.

SID (Société Industrielle de la Doux) is a company that designs, manufactures and erects a wide range of machinery and installations for waste treatment and process technologies. SID is today the leading company for the planning and construction of complete shredding installations. 

Its project in Changzhou is a production center for high-end mechanical equipment. The facility, having a total investment of 20 million euros, covers an area of 50 mu (about 3.33 hectares). After putting into production, its annual sales are expected to reach 500 million yuan. The products will be dedicated to environmental service companies in China and Southeastern Asia

The Sino-Swiss (Changzhou) International Industrial Innovation Park was established in 2018. Over the past few years, the park has gathered many star manufacturers from Sweden, including Georg Fischer AB, Rieter, Mettler Toledo, V-ZUG, and Givaudan.


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