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Simplified visa issuance and renewals introduced to facilitate business activities
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China is set to streamline the process for foreign businesspeople by introducing port visas and simplified visa renewals, as announced by the Ministry of Public Security and National Immigration Administration.

Under this new initiative, foreigners engaging in business negotiations, trade interactions, installation and maintenance, participation in exhibitions, investments, and entrepreneurial activities can apply for port visas. This option is particularly useful for those who lack the time to obtain visas from Chinese embassies or consulates outside the country. To apply for a port visa, individuals will need to provide an invitation letter and company certification materials.

For foreign businesspeople who require frequent entry and exit from China due to professional commitments, a convenient option will be available. They can apply for a business visa with multiple entries, valid for up to three years from their arrival in China.

Jia Tongbin, deputy director of the Department of Foreigners Management at the National Immigration Administration, stated that these measures aim to enhance cross-border business exchanges. This initiative will ease the process for foreign executives, entrepreneurs, and other professionals, allowing them to effectively engage in trade cooperation, as well as visit and conduct business negotiations within China.

Moreover, a significant change pertains to the process of applying for residence permits in China. Previously, foreigners needed to submit their passports for review during the application process, causing temporary inconvenience. The new measure grants applicants the ability to retain their original passports during the verification period, enabling them to handle various matters, such as travel, accommodation, taxation, and banking, using their passports.

This policy primarily targets permanent foreign residents involved in work, study, scientific research, investment, innovation, entrepreneurship, and family visits in China. By allowing passport use during the residence permit application period, the change is projected to benefit around 700,000 individuals annually. Ultimately, this move is expected to foster a more efficient and convenient business environment, according to Jia.


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