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Changzhou: 7,000+ private entrepreneurs engaged in “Guangcai” charity programs
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On November 8th, a seminar titled "Strengthening Confidence in Development and Fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibilities" took place at the Changzhou Hualida Garment Technology Industrial Park.

Liu Bujian, deputy director of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and secretary of the Party Committee of The Jiangsu Province Institute of Socialism, and Yang Fen, member of the Standing Committee and director of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Changzhou Municipal Committee, attended the event.

During the seminar, Lin Bin, the head of the Social Responsibility Task Force for Private Enterprises at the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Zhang Wenchang, chairman of Changzhou Hualida Garment Group Co., Ltd., delivered keynote speeches. Experts and representatives from participating enterprises engaged in discussions and exchanges.

The meeting underscored that private enterprises are both pioneers and beneficiaries of reform and opening up. By aligning their business operations with the broader interests of society and making corporate responsibility a central pursuit, private enterprises can achieve significant development. At all levels, "Two Healthy" practice centers should be established and effectively leveraged to enhance the quality and effectiveness of services provided to enterprises. This approach will enable entrepreneurs to fully engage and create a replicable model of the Changzhou practice.

Currently, Changzhou is home to over 7,000 private entrepreneurs actively involved in charitable activities of the Guangcai Program, with a total donation exceeding 1.18 billion yuan. Private enterprises in Changzhou have emerged as a significant force in helping the less fortunate and contributing to social development.


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