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  Built during the Emperor Zhenguan and Emperor Yonghui’s reign of Tang Dynasty, Tianning Temple was one of the key Buddhist temples in China. Because of its large scale, spectacular halls, fine buildings and magnificent ceremonies, it has the name of “the top temple in the southeast” and it is the national key temple with focused attention. During the past 1,000 years, it has attracted millions of tourists with its long history and specially shaped Buddha figures. Tianning Pagoda is located at the end of the central axis of the temple. The construction was started in 2002. It has 13 floors with the height of 153.79 meters. It is the tallest among all the 4,000 Buddhist pagodas in China. Meanwhile, it keeps on promoting the internal connotation and value. It created many “firsts”, such as the first pagoda with gold-plated roof and jade-decorated wall, the first pagoda with bronze inscriptions tiles, the highest bell at the top of pagoda and the largest stele forests with sutra carved on them. It is a pagoda of flourishing ages, handed-down classics, culture and tourism.


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