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Chinese way to have a warm autumn
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"Though people have been connecting autumn with misery and loneliness since ancient times, I believe the season is better than spring," Liu Yuxi, a renowned poet from the Tang Dynasty (618-907AD), said in his poem Words of Autumn.

Have a bowl of pear soup

With a sweet scent and honey color, pear soup is the most suitable beverage for autumn, which could nourish your body and reduce the dryness in the season. Chop some pears and apples, and boil them with dates, wolfberries and hawthorns in water for about an hour.

Sip some chrysanthemum wine and osmanthus wine

As two flowers that choose to blossom in autumn, rather than spring, chrysanthemum and osmanthus are not only beautiful for their colors and shapes, but also the food and beverage made from them.

Eat "white-colored" food

Traditional Chinese culture always believes that human beings should respect nature and act according to natural changes. Food, beverage and even color of clothes should vary with the seasons. As autumn is often connected with "white", food with different shades of the color, is recommended. Such series include pears, white turnip, white fungus, Chinese yam and oats.

Burning medical incense

Burning traditional Chinese medical incense, which not only creates a nice smell, but also has healing effects. Such incense is more like a medicine rather than a simple perfume. The craft of making traditional Chinese medical incense was listed as a national intangible cultural heritage in 2009.

Practice Ba Duan Jin

Ba Duan Jin, an ancient yet magical form of Chinese qigong, is a good choice to practice in autumn when going to gym looks troublesome. Dated back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279), the exercises were very popular among Chinese literati in ancient times.

Be healthy from the bottom of your feet

In traditional Chinese medical theory, feet are connected with the health of each organs. If human body is the tree trunk, then feet would be the root. Through massaging the acupoints on feet, many illnesses could be cured. Another convenient way is to use Chinese medical foot patches.

Read works by Shen Congwen and Mu Xin

Autumn is always believed a poetic season, which undoubtedly needs some beautiful prose to rich your soul. Works from two renowned Chinese writers, Shen Congwen and Mu Xin, will bring you to a more poetic world made by Chinese language. This year also marks the 30th anniversary of Shen's death.


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