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Wujin’s first batch of 24 key projects start construction
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On February 29th, it was learned from the major projects commencement and promotion conference in Wujin that the first batch of 24 key projects will start construction together, with the planned investment of about 10.69 billion yuan in total.

Among these projects, there are 16 each with an investment of over 100 million yuan. KTK’s rail transit industrial park has an investment of 5 billion yuan. There are four projects each with an investment of over 500 million yuan, namely, SOPREMA’s 

waterproof and insulation project (930 million yuan), Bori’s smart grid R&D and assembly base (700 million yuan), the roof distributed PV generators program (650 million yuan) and AAC’s new energy plant (500 million yuan).

All these projects are industrial programs including high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, electronic information, health industry, etc. Among them, there are six new materials projects and four robots and Artificial Intelligence programs.

So far, Wujin has reserved 165 major/key projects, with the planned investment of 195.1 billion yuan in total. Among them, there are 22 projects each with an investment of more than 500 million yuan or 50 million US dollars, and 65 projects each with an investment of over 100 million yuan or 10 million US dollars.

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