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Statistical Communique of Changzhou on the 2015 Local Economic and Social Development (Part XII)
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XII. City Construction and Public Utilities

The local road network continued to develop. In 2015, Changzhou-Liyang Expressway, the west extension line of West Yanzheng Rd. and the fast-track upgrading project of Jintan-Wujin Highway were completed and became fully operational. And Changzhou Metro Line 1 was being built smoothly throughout the year. West Laodong Rd. ( from Wuxing Rd. to Longjiang Rd), Sanbao Street ( from Changjiang Rd. to Wuxing Rd.), Fuyang Rd. ( from Qingyang Rd. to West Bei Tanghe Rd.) and West Feilong Rd. were either renovated or newly built and became fully operational. The newly built roads like North Yongning Rd. ( from Xinyi Rd. to West Heng Tanghe Rd.), North Xintang Rd. ( from Xinyi Rd. to Longhui Rd.), Xinyi Rd. and Longhui Rd. ( from North Zulin Rd. to North Xintang Rd.) were almost ready for operation.

Public transportation services continued to improve. By end of 2015, there were 306 bus lines, 3,135 buses and 3,680 taxis. 28.9% of residents’ local travel and commuting was made via public transportation. Besides, bus lines were extended to all local towns, townships and villages.

Public utility services improved. In 2015, the total local power consumption grew by 3.3% to 40.8 billion kWh, among which the household power consumption of urban and rural residents grew by 6% to 3.44 billion kWh. Besides, the city’s annual water and gas supplies hit 250 million and 390 million cubic meters respectively. 8,307 lighting units and 9,338 lamps were installed and 172 million cubic meters of sewage was treated throughout the year. In addition, public utility infrastructure continued to improve. For instance, the Ri Desheng River Emergency Water Intake project with a capacity of 300,000 cubic meteres was completed. Upgrading projects of tap water deep processing techniques like the the Xishi Bridge Water Plant and Weicun Village Water Plant were also started. 68.2 km of pipelines were renovated or newly-built. Besides, infrastructure upgrading projects on rainwater-sewage diversion and sewage treatment in old neighborhoods were largely completed.

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