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Chunyun begins on January 24
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Chunyun, also referred to as the Spring Festival travel season or the Chunyun period, begins on January 24th this year. It is a period of travel in China with extremely high traffic load around the time of the Chinese New Year. The period usually begins 15 days before the Lunar New Year's Day and lasts for around 40 days. Rail transport experiences the biggest challenge during the period.

It is informed that the High-speed Rail Passenger Management Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the management of Changzhou North Square, has started the preparatory work in advance. During the Chunyun period, they will provide services like first aid bandage, inquiry services, reception, wheelchair, etc.

42 train trips will be added on the Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Rail to Changzhou North Station during Chunyun, reaching a total of 123 trips to Changzhou per day. The single-day peak passenger flow is estimated to exceed 25,000 people.

To ensure the safety of transportation, the North Square has checked and maintained key areas and facilities such as fire extinguishers and equipment, elevators, monitoring system and power distribution, and has made all kinds of contingency plans to ensure an effective response to unexpected bad weather.

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