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With regard to the taxi issue proposed by Mumbai and others, Timely Rain commented as follows:
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  Hello, everyone! I am from the General Office of Changzhou Municipal Government. Nice to meet you all! Mayor Yao has made a good communication with you through Atlanta’s Blog, and now I will assist him by the name ‘Timely Rain’to handle the problem you raised here. From the day on, I will listen carefully to your voices and transfer your advices to related government department in time. And the feedback will be offered here as soon as possible.
    Mayor Yao attaches great importance to the taxi issues you raised and does effective research with Municipal Traffic & Transportation Bureau. The feedback on the improving measures is as follows:
1.With regard to the taxi problem in rushing hours, we will implement a peak relief system so as to reduce the supply-demanding pressure at those special hours.
2.Refusing to take passengers does exist, especially at evening rushing hours. So on the one hand, our traffic department will set up taxi waiting area at Railway-Bus Station and Civil Airport with personnel 24-hour on duty maintaining the order; on the other hand, it will also increase the punishment up to 1,000 RMB for those illegal taxies, and at the same time the ‘one case veto’ service assessment will be executed which can result in the cancellation of the month’s bonus of the offender. If you come across this bad service, please record the car number and lodge your complain through ‘96196’ hotline, Atlanta’s Blog, and Changzhou FAO.
3.It also exists that many taxi drivers do not stop and take passengers at the prescribed area. With regard to this, the government will increase the inspection and punishment, and continue to strengthen the drivers’ awareness of following the traffic rules and improving the service quality.
4.It is a serious illegal behavior to deliberately bypass or not to use the meter, which is also under the management focus of traffic department over recent years. If you come across this bad service, please record the car number and complain it through ‘96196’ hotline, Atlanta’s Blog, and Changzhou FAO. The traffic department will handle it one by one. In addition, it will also strengthen the inspection, arranging management personnel to inspect the off-taxi area at Railway-Bus Station every day at evening rushing hours.
5.For the taxi drivers, communicating with simple oral English is quite necessary and we are thinking of doing something about it. The traffic department will add an English training program to the taxi driving skill training. Moreover, each taxi driver will get a brochure containing some simple dialogues, places of interest in Changzhou, main scenic spots and culture history all in English.
    It is part of our drive to construct a best civilized city to strengthen the education of taxi drivers and to improve the whole citizens’ cultivated manner. At the same time, we welcome more excellent advices from our foreign friends to make Changzhou a better city.

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