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With regard to the provision for pedestrians raised by DrWindEnergy, Timely Rain replied as follows:
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  Dear DrWindEnergy,
  Thank you for your mail. According to your question, our Public Security Organs check and the answer followed:
  Our Law of the People’s Republic of China on Road Traffic Safety has a specific provision for pedestrians and vehicles through the pedestrian crossing the line behavior:
  The provision of article 38 is: All pedestrians and vehicles should do according to the traffic single. If there is a traffic policeman, we should do as the policeman command. All pedestrians and vehicles should do under the principle of ensuring safety and keeping unblock without any traffic signals.
  The provision of article 47 is: Motor vehicle should slow down when passing through the pedestrian crossing. When pedestrian crosses the pedestrian crossing
motor vehicles should stop. When motor vehicles are driving in the road without any signal and pedestrian is crossing the road, vehicles should stop.
  And according to Law of the People’s Republic of China on Road Traffic Safety article 90 and the first standard of Jiangsu Province Road Traffic Safety Law article 56, all motor vehicle drivers who do not slow down, stop and keep away from pedestrian when drive near the pedestrian crossing or meet the pedestrian cross the road would be reduce 2 points or has 50 Yuan penalty. According to statistics, our city public department had punished more than 460 transportation illegal behaviors since this year.
  In addition, to ensure pedestrian safety of crossing the road, initiate positive comity of pedestrian crossing, our city would do lots things this year. First, we would set rhombic pedestrian crossing tip line and del operator speed reducing tip line. And set stereo metric formula pedestrian crossing near the schools to produce visual effect to drivers to make them slow down. Second, we will organize all traffic volunteers and policemen carry out the activity as the theme of “Good Heart, Good Behavior, and Comity traffic” to guide the drivers slow down when through the pedestrian crossing. Third, promote “Peace civilized journey and farewell bad traffic habits” action, increase the investigation and punishment of 7 bad traffic habits including no comity to pedestrian crossing, changing route, jumping queues.



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