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24 Solar Terms: Cold Dew
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The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Cold dew, the 17th solar term of the year, begins on Oct 8 this year and ends on Oct 23.

At this time, temperatures are much lower than in white dew in most areas of China. There will be more dew and sometimes the dew will freeze. It is also a time for autumn harvest.

Temperatures drop significantly in October. When the cold air encounters autumn rain, the abundant water vapor in the air soon reaches saturation, which results in misty rain or fog.

During cold dew, temperature decreases quickly and heat from the sunshine cannot reach the deep water. Fish all swim to shallow water areas where the water is warmer, which makes it a good season to go fishing.

North China welcomes its most habitable season during cold dew, with breathtaking sceneries on the mountains. Many take advantage of the good weather to go hiking.

Pomegranates are in season during cold dew. Pomegranates have been cherished for their exquisite beauty, flavor, color, and health benefits for centuries. It is also viewed as a symbol of fertility in China.

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