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15 Changzhou cultural elements added to the provincial ICH list
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Recently, the Fourth List of Jiangsu Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) was announced, of which, 15 Changzhou cultural elements were added to the list. Thus, Changzhou has a total of 53 elements selected into the provincial ICH list.

The 15 newly added elements are selected from folk literature, traditional music, traditional dance, folk arts, traditional medicine, traditional sports, entertainment and acrobatics, etc. They are:

The Legend of Su Dongpo,

The Story of Meng Jiao and the Hymn of the Traveler,

Dong Sha Ke (a folk dance in Liyang),

Changzhou Pyrography,

Menghe Potted Landscape Art of Appeared Stone,

Changzhou Tu's Chinese Medicine Therapy,

Shi-style Eight-Diagram Palm,

String Instrument-Gong-Drum Playing Arts (Percussion Music)

Yangzhu Gong-Drum Playing Arts (Percussion Music),

Changzhou-style Farce,

Changzhou-style Storytelling,

Shallow Woodcarving,

Ming Dynasty-style Furniture Making Craft,

Zhu-style Osteopathy, and

Yangqiao Temple Festival.

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