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Culture and Entertainment Information in July and August,2013
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1. Fan Art Exhibition

Time:July 12 till August 12

Venue:Changzhou Museum

Free of Charge,closed on Monday

2. Changzhou Beer Festival

Time:19:00-24:00,July 12 till August 9

Venue:Small Square,Canal 5 Creativity Block

3.Adventure at Flaming Mountains(Animation)

Date:Be on since July 19

Venue: Wanda Studio

4. Ghost of Model

Date:Be on since July 26

Venue: Wanda Studio

Main Actors: Muse Nee,Jun Yang,Ning Tang

5. Pacific Rim

Date:Be on since July 31

Venue: Wanda Studio

Main Actors: Charlie Hunnam,Idris Elba,Rinko Kikuchi

6.I Love Wolffy II (Animation)

Date:Be on since August 1

Venue: Wanda Studio

7. Young Style

Date:Be on since August 2

Venue: Wanda Studio

Main Actors: Zi Jian Dong,Hailu Qin,Gang Jiao

8. Xiao Shi Dai: Qing Mu Shi Dai

Date:Be on since August 9

Venue: Wanda Studio

Main Actors: Mini Yang,Amber Kuo,Biting Guo

9. Crimes of Passion

Date:Be on since August 9

Venue: Wanda Studio

Main Actors: Angela Baby,Xiaoming Huang,Hyun-kyoon Lee

10. Concert for Citizens

Performer: American Sassy Jazz Orchestra

Venue:Changzhou Grand Theater

Time:19:30,August 4

Price:RMB 50-100

11.Open the Door of Art

Performer:Libiao Young Percussion band

Venue:Changzhou Grand Theater

Time:19:30,August 5

Price:RMB 20-100

12. Children’s Drama-The Magic Aster

Performer:China Natinal Theatre for Children

Venue:Changzhou Grand Theater

Time:19:30,August 7

Price:RMB 20-100

13. Puppet Show- Calabash Brothers

Venue:Changzhou Grand Theater

Time:19:30,August 9

Price:RMB 20-100

Sponsored by: General Office and Foreign Affairs Office of Changzhou Municipal People’s Government
All rights reserved.Jiangsu ICP Record No. 05003616
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